Was Hamilton right to criticise race stewards, and who was at fault for his pre-race violation?

Lewis Hamilton suggested that race stewards were "trying to stop" him during his post race interview, following two 5-second penalties at the Russian Grand Prix. But was Lewis right to criticise the stewards, and who was at fault for his pre-race practice start position which resulted in his penalties? Johnny Herbert and Karun Chandhok discuss.
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  1. Gregorio Spotti

    Gregorio Spotti

    14 dagen geleden


  2. Trevor Clark

    Trevor Clark

    15 dagen geleden

    Herbert had no comment on le Clerc in Belgium 3 races ago when he did a slow out lap and Ferrari said the reason was that he did a practice start on track outside of the stewards designated practice start box. Le Clerc should have had 2 penalties, 1 for the slow out lap and another for the out of position practice start, he didn't get any penalty.

  3. Sandra Lantau

    Sandra Lantau

    15 dagen geleden

    It would be wonderful if Sky Sports F1 can follow up with Johnny Herbert about why, as a Steward at Spa, he was fine with Charles Leclerc starting outside the designated practice start area. Incidentally, the Spa Director Note defined the practice start area much more explicitly (including a photo showing the marked are) than the Sochi Director Note

  4. D B

    D B

    18 dagen geleden

    Love Jonny. But he has never been in Hamilton position and never will be. Since the this interview lots more have come out like M Salo joy in releasing Hamilton penalty to Finland tv. @stewards be clear.

  5. Jack Travler

    Jack Travler

    19 dagen geleden

    rules are there for a reason

  6. Steven Ratti

    Steven Ratti

    19 dagen geleden

    Maybe the stewards should get some training in how to do their jobs; from the way they treat Hamilton, it's pretty obvious they don't know what they are doing.

  7. Barry O' Toole

    Barry O' Toole

    20 dagen geleden

    Lewis was at fault he should use common sense stopping on a slight bend with f1 cars exiting pits ready checking pedals steering wheel buttons maybe on team radio. Yes lewis did ask his team but he must have been IN DOUBT IF HE HAD TO ASK " THEM" !!!!

  8. Roderiko Vena

    Roderiko Vena

    21 dag geleden

    To me the stewards are just killing the sport 😞😞

  9. mahbrum


    22 dagen geleden

    Lewis has the right to complain, but he was in the wrong in this case. He went to far beyond the “safe” zone for his practice start. He’s got his own opinion whether he’s right or wrong. In this case Lewis was in the wrong. This was explained in a Mercedes team video interview with an off track member of the team.

  10. Paulo Silva

    Paulo Silva

    23 dagen geleden

    The day before the practice started, it was clarified and made the rule which was the place to start practice and that is it and no other so you don't even have to ask and these two are two more stupid and LH was and signed this rule for that stop being stupid and partial

  11. Blink Armada

    Blink Armada

    23 dagen geleden

    "daddy's money" trying real hard to make Lewis look bad.

  12. Formaldehyde007


    24 dagen geleden

    If you run someone off the track, possibly causing tens or hundreds of thousands of damage, and completely ruining their race, the penalty is typically 5 seconds. If you make two practice starts contrary to the Stewards' notes the penalty is 10 seconds?

  13. Formaldehyde007


    24 dagen geleden

    The part that you seem to be missing is that Hamilton would have had 10 driver points with 12 being a race ban. His two incidents with Albon are merited. And the one where he was supposedly going too fast under a yellow flag can be construed to be endangering others depending on the exact circumstances. But two points for missing that the pit lane was closed at Monza and now 2 points for making practice starts at the wrong place, the latter of which was apparently rescinded after the fact because someone finally showed some common sense? The FIA definitely needs to evaluate when the stewards can give out driver points. I am sure you all enjoy reading the minutiae for every race. But I seriously doubt that Lewis or any other driver does so. Someone on the team is likely responsible for that task with the job to speak up if the need ever arises. But this is 2 picayune rules violations in a row with the punishments typically reserved for quite serious safety violations. And this is why Hamilton may possibly feel the FIA is now out to get him, especially given his recent political statements.

  14. Steve Bennett

    Steve Bennett

    24 dagen geleden

    F1 is owned by American company. So as with most American sports they look for artificial ways to turn it into a show. It is a sport not a show,

    • Steven Ratti

      Steven Ratti

      19 dagen geleden

      Apparently you don't know much about American sports.

  15. Ken Kiria

    Ken Kiria

    24 dagen geleden

    You guys now look like utter idiots.

  16. MovieBuff


    24 dagen geleden

    Every time I see a person wearing a mask, I realize how incapable people of this generation has become to recognize a rogue country. A rogue country which: - Creates a deadly virus and spreads it across the world through human carriers - Hides death toll numbers from WHO to let it spread - Sells (not donates) faulty medical equipment to countries, putting the lives of its frontline doctors in danger When the whole world is fighting coronavirus, it is: - Committing human right violations against its own citizens - Not letting Muslims to practice their religion - Bullying small countries - Encroaching on land and seas of neighboring countries - Stealing intellectual property - Arresting reporters and banning media - Trapping weak countries through high interest debt Are we all going to just witness this bully to dominate the whole world and do nothing. FOR HOW LONG????

  17. Mike Brown

    Mike Brown

    24 dagen geleden

    Who cares, LH is never happy

  18. Charles Mouse

    Charles Mouse

    24 dagen geleden

    That rather depends on the manner in which he did it: "Piss and moan, bloody stewards" or "Well them's the breaks, I must abide by their ruling even if I don't like it." No I don't know the details. The first F1 weekend in 30+ years I knew was on, could have watched, had nothing else to do, and yet I chose not to bother. I have no use for a Sky subscription... I'll make a final impassioned rant when Sky does it's next propaganda video and then I'm done. Funny how many media outlets and established sports are struggling for viewers when circumstances should see ratings booming.

  19. Yfffad Kcud

    Yfffad Kcud

    24 dagen geleden

    Remember this every one of of us. In the Christian faith we are instructed by the only living God and Saviour Jesus Christ. In the book of Romans 12.19 King James Bible Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord

  20. Ryan


    24 dagen geleden

    the world revolves around Lewis, when he isn't getting gifted a win, he throws his dummy out of the cot

  21. Violet VCH

    Violet VCH

    24 dagen geleden

    I wonder what would have happened if V Botta’s swearing words on air was done by Lewis Hamilton? They Formula 1 and the haters would have torn him apart, what do you think 🤔

  22. Tim Capstick

    Tim Capstick

    24 dagen geleden


  23. Colin Gathercole

    Colin Gathercole

    24 dagen geleden

    All hail Hamilton

  24. James Glen

    James Glen

    24 dagen geleden

    Johnny Herbert made a bit of a tit of himself then doubled down. I ask for an icecream I am not questioning it in some sorta sherlock holmesy mannor

  25. Airwane


    24 dagen geleden

    SKy is bias watch this video it explain MUCH better

  26. ExSapper Madman

    ExSapper Madman

    24 dagen geleden

    Of course he was, they rescinded his penalty points.......Hes done that exact same thing 1000 times on other circuits.......

  27. Yingxun Zhou

    Yingxun Zhou

    25 dagen geleden

    So where in the rule book says, 2*5 seconds in race penalty for sth you did pre-race?

  28. Gary Garratt

    Gary Garratt

    25 dagen geleden

    They were harsh on him. The team was at fault. He did ask and they gave him the okay. Glad the points have at least been recinded.

  29. Yvonne Pingleton

    Yvonne Pingleton

    25 dagen geleden


  30. Yvonne Pingleton

    Yvonne Pingleton

    25 dagen geleden

    Bottes. Won by default... A couple of weeks before Gasely, won by default. FIA literally took what was Hamiltons. Can't beat um cheat um...

  31. Yvonne Pingleton

    Yvonne Pingleton

    25 dagen geleden

    Ferrari always gets away with rule breaking. Favoritism can give you points, and wins. They cheated for a whole year. Shameful...

  32. Yvonne Pingleton

    Yvonne Pingleton

    25 dagen geleden

    What was Hamilton doing farting around before the race. Maybe he should be reading the rule book instead.

  33. David Skjaerpe

    David Skjaerpe

    25 dagen geleden

    To be honest, damn bad choice by the whole team involved; but LH is lucky they changed their mind and did not give him points on super licence. It’s sad LH kept on being angry for the period he did; and his statement were just way off target. He and his team screwed up - take it like a man and not a crybaby!

  34. Michael Beckingham

    Michael Beckingham

    25 dagen geleden

    Of course they don't like the colour of his car who else had somebody looking in the rules to find nondescript rules that stops Lewis doing job look back at red car breaking all the rules last year where as Al there speed gone

  35. Alex Mc Keown

    Alex Mc Keown

    25 dagen geleden

    Why does Lewis breath so heavily when he's driven what 50 meters from the pit box?

  36. F. Joyeux

    F. Joyeux

    25 dagen geleden


  37. Maurice Dunmore

    Maurice Dunmore

    25 dagen geleden

    Why didn't he get a warning then 1 5 second penalty

  38. Mark Gibbons

    Mark Gibbons

    25 dagen geleden

    If it take 20 minutes to decide if its a penalty or not it should just be a warning and then a clarification of the rules so if this happens again it would be a penalty and then know one can complain.

  39. David Banks

    David Banks

    25 dagen geleden

    The stewards are at fault for not letting the drivers know where they can go and do there warmups

  40. Garf 661

    Garf 661

    25 dagen geleden

    As always with Hamilton he can't take responsibility for his and the team's action. Attitude of a privileged life. I'm surprised he didn't play the race card like in the past.

  41. conxteme


    25 dagen geleden

    The penalty was should have been before the start. They wanted to punish him on a track with 1 stop. They are after him.

  42. Aishwarya Dasgupta

    Aishwarya Dasgupta

    25 dagen geleden

    Karun: Like Johnny and I, and Lewis, we've driven in MANY MANY race tracks around the world... F1 fans: ok Karun we believe you...

  43. Nigel Wilson

    Nigel Wilson

    25 dagen geleden

    God dam it Hamilton now he's an expert on politics will call the desision racially motivated?

  44. Sibusiso Gama

    Sibusiso Gama

    25 dagen geleden

    Lecrec did worse that took Stroll out and no penalty for him, they are trying by all means to stop Hamilton from breaking Schumacher record. They will celebrate if Max or Valtteri wins the championship but that won’t happen. You’ll see many penalties are coming for Lewis and he’s crime is to ask the world for justice against those who are being killed for being black, for equal opportunities, for protecting the environment, if we can’t bring such awareness in sport which other platform must be used then? The sport (F1 & FIA) needs serious transformation.

  45. Bradley perry

    Bradley perry

    25 dagen geleden


  46. クレーア


    25 dagen geleden

    When compared with Leclerc , it sure seems FIA is trying to stop Lewis LoL

  47. Dani Boglut

    Dani Boglut

    25 dagen geleden

    Yea penalise lewis for that but please keep grosjean on the race track i will DIE of boredom in every single f ing race of the next two upcoming dead-filled with dumb rules-seasons of F1 that are yet to come

  48. Raquel Jimenez

    Raquel Jimenez

    25 dagen geleden

    OF COURSE THEY ARE!! Come on Now.

  49. BLT


    25 dagen geleden

    Even if penalty should be given, it should not be 5 seconds X 2. It's like someone drives dangerously, causing collision of 5 cars, and being given penalty X 5.

  50. Jayden Glass

    Jayden Glass

    25 dagen geleden

    No he was not right to complain. Very clear, proved everyone right for hating him

  51. Hotstepper


    25 dagen geleden

    These pundits are already distancing, remove the mask for goodness sake! No one wants to listen to people in mask, talk about pushing the agenda😏

  52. John Atkins

    John Atkins

    25 dagen geleden

    Yes Lewis was absolutely right. Period. The stewards should go and take a slow boat to China. This is racing guys.. Are the stewards blind or what???

  53. Nathan Sparks

    Nathan Sparks

    25 dagen geleden

    Just remember Hamilton got a 10s penalty for doing a practice start where it didn't cause any danger, but Vettel used his car as a weapon & got the same punishment 😂

  54. Pepe Pombal

    Pepe Pombal

    25 dagen geleden

    Of course he was right!!!

  55. Peter Harrison

    Peter Harrison

    25 dagen geleden

    I think that Lewis‘ “they are trying to stop me...” comments are more deep seated than just the practice start incident. The Breonna Taylor T-shirt issue and subsequent new rules on what to wear on the podium must have pissed him off given his leadership within F1 on raising racial injustice awareness. Like others have said, watch him come back even more determined...

  56. Noah Skerman

    Noah Skerman

    25 dagen geleden

    yes! they purposefully took 40 minutes to punish him just so the punishment would have to be an in race stop and go, its disgusting

  57. Martin Duggan

    Martin Duggan

    25 dagen geleden

    Hamilton greaf winner but bad loser

  58. Michael Peters Fenwicks

    Michael Peters Fenwicks

    25 dagen geleden

    These ridiculous rules are killing F1

  59. Ravi Acharya

    Ravi Acharya

    25 dagen geleden

    Hamilton has to grow up. The element of maturity the hallmark quality is missing totally. Cry baby!

  60. A Bains

    A Bains

    25 dagen geleden

    Lecrec move was way more dangerous 1. Driving without seat belt Spain 2. Leaving no space to Hamilton monza 3. Pit maneuver on stroll

  61. y5e


    25 dagen geleden

    How many penalty points were given in last weeks crash?

  62. Daniel Robinson

    Daniel Robinson

    25 dagen geleden

    These guys ain't got a clue what did you ever do in f1 karun get your head out the stewards ass something smells here and it's bulleshit call it how it us unfair pen ham already at a disadvantage at start of the race anyway we all know ham comes back stronger next race

  63. Trevor Bailey

    Trevor Bailey

    25 dagen geleden

    Why isn't there a line indicating the limit to the area to be used , one thing gor shore the regulating or memo didn't indicate how far you are allowed and as the team radio says suggested he should leave room for csrs going by which he did. This pundit is saying lewis no you can't go that far in nonsense because there was no such rule the stewarts decision was fully with an agender , if anything this should have been a fine for the team inability to advise there driver in a more discretionary decision. In the end if the rule was clear it wouldn't have been broken , and the harsh treatment imo was a attempt with intent. The team radio we just heard i am shore the Stewart's also listen to and there was no intent from Lewis to break or ignore a unknown rule. Pit entry has a line for speed restriction how many times as any driver broke that and what was the stewarts verdict and penalty towards that driver in a on going race.🤔 justification was not proven this is like VAR , were is the line!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  64. Filthy Rethuglicans

    Filthy Rethuglicans

    25 dagen geleden

    He's been a whiner for his entire career. why would he change?

  65. Robert Palmer

    Robert Palmer

    25 dagen geleden

    Well for sure these media people are nothing more than the opinionated bootlickers. When the stewards have to correct themselves it is an admission of their rush to judgement. Call it what you like. It is obvious to the rest of the world

  66. Dean W

    Dean W

    25 dagen geleden

    This race & Monza the team gave the go ahead. Hence it is not Hamilton's fault its Mercedes!

  67. jason bell

    jason bell

    25 dagen geleden

    How doe the other drivers feel knowing they are getting help from the stewards ? There will never be another Lewis Hamilton and on a race day he would have more than likely set a record’ it looks awful it’s like petty crap after petty crap , another thing I have noticed when Lewis is fighting back through the field no one has an incident at all it’s like the slow down and drive so good, but when Lewis is leading 5 seconds or greater you will get a safety car 99% of the time it’s strange but true, a safety car yesterday with him behind Max and Bottas , Pitt new mediums 10 laps to go Lewis would make short work of that race track and WIN !!!!👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

  68. dan theman

    dan theman

    25 dagen geleden

    come on stewards.......just kick lewis in the balls before every know you want too ...!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Sheila Milne

    Sheila Milne

    26 dagen geleden

    Too bloody right he was right to challenge the stewards . They are not gods !! They just think they are . They were over zealous to say the least .

  70. Nick Lins

    Nick Lins

    26 dagen geleden

    Stewards were wrong...hence the points being removed. But they cost us, the fans a very different race....and that what needs fixing

  71. patrick Frawley

    patrick Frawley

    26 dagen geleden

    Lets face it if it had been Vettel or Leclerc they would have been let off with a slap on the wrist. One law for Lewis and a more lenient law for every one else. No wonder he gets pissed off.

  72. Darran Ryan

    Darran Ryan

    26 dagen geleden

    They were trying ta take him out in qualifying I wasn't surprised ta see him get a penalty I actully thought he wouldn't finish the race..delighted he got third he is a great driver no matter the car

  73. the one

    the one

    26 dagen geleden

    This is a massive joke, it's pathetic

  74. memsybabe


    26 dagen geleden

    It's like Lewis is trying to show himself to be so far above all the other drivers, he's coming up with ways of getting himself in trouble. Why did he need to do a practice start when no-one else did? Because he's Lewis Hamilton... He's starting to believe his own hype, and that never ends well.. Just drive your race, pick up your winners trophy, and go home. Don't give them a reason or opportunity to give you any penalty points.

  75. Michael Thomas

    Michael Thomas

    26 dagen geleden

    The stewards are now the ones under the microscope, because everyone is going to watching them and their ongoing non-sensical decisions. If they continue to go after Mercedes and Hamilton, it will prove what Hamilton was implying is true.

  76. Thomas Mitchell

    Thomas Mitchell

    26 dagen geleden

    Lewis acted like a spoiled brat during the awards ceremony Would not celebrate! He needs to learn to be as even tempered when things don’t go his way as he is when he wins. The word entitled comes to mind.

  77. Adam Balding

    Adam Balding

    26 dagen geleden

    Karun how many F1 points??

  78. Paul


    26 dagen geleden

    No, keep quiet establish the facts first before you rant, otherwise you look a petulant spoilt little brat.

  79. Krp Krp

    Krp Krp

    26 dagen geleden

    2 X 5 seconds I can understand one for each infraction, but 2 points on his licence?? penalise him 3 times for 2 infractions. Questions are required, why the points if he has had 2 time penalties.

  80. matismf


    26 dagen geleden

    The real surprise is that "woke" F1 is actually holding their Preferred Species to the same rules that everyone else has to comply with!!!

  81. Droopi Barows

    Droopi Barows

    26 dagen geleden

    there are some Trumps in the stewards

  82. Peter Miechielssens

    Peter Miechielssens

    26 dagen geleden

    I find it at least remarkable that there were 2 big penalty's while there was nobody at risk and this on a moment - not in the race, practice or qualifying. I can´t remember we had something simular in the past??? The rules (art19) are not clear as well on that point. Was a slap on the wrist in the form of a reprimand then not the better solution? Changing the licence points to a fine is admitting their wrong doing. It took a long time to define what to do, but in that time, they didn´t bother to listen to the conversation between driver and team?? I feel we still miss Charly Whiting his experience and as a result there is a lot of inconsistency and lack of communication. Putting something on paper or walking it through in a driversmeeting makes a big difference. e.g. The lights on the safetycar in the last race - the importance of the indication Sc panels in Monza without a red light at the pitlane could have been better from an organisation point of view. Next to that in this race when Stroll was kicked out of the race by Leclerc there wasn´t even an investigation. I really (want to) believe the race stewards are doing there utmost to have an objective ruling. Having said all that, we can´t hide the fact there is a lack of experience and wouldn´t it be a shame a championship isn´t decided "on track" as a result

  83. Andrés Padilla

    Andrés Padilla

    26 dagen geleden

    This time he lacked the “humbleness” he usually prides himself for. He has good points lead he has the championship and the records and the MONEY. Can he just be humble enough to accept his errors and not try to use us and media to drive his tantrums?

  84. RawLu


    26 dagen geleden

    "MAYBE ITS BECAUSE I'M BLACK" - Yes, He did say that over penalties in the past so you know its even more of that Craziness now... They are walking on egg shells to not offend the poor Black American... #BLMisAmerican Americanization 24/7/365...

  85. eddie taylour

    eddie taylour

    26 dagen geleden

    Old saying, if you cant do the time, dont do the crime. Just saying.

  86. Max Goot

    Max Goot

    26 dagen geleden

    I can finally enjoy life because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  87. ergun ardic

    ergun ardic

    26 dagen geleden

    The real problem is why is he not warned when he made the first mistake and waited when he done second time same mistake, then gave him penalty, thats the real question to ask...can skysport answer for that...

  88. Leon Kotze

    Leon Kotze

    26 dagen geleden


    • Walter Stieger

      Walter Stieger

      26 dagen geleden

      So true, nothing else.

  89. D Rod

    D Rod

    26 dagen geleden

    Stop crying like babies. F 1 is a big boys sport. He took out Albon twice. Lewis feels like he is entitled to win every race.

  90. Ronin_ GThayc

    Ronin_ GThayc

    26 dagen geleden

    So let me get this right here ,he stopped in the pit lane exit and got 2 5 second penalties for his troubles .then went to the stewards after saying dont you know who I am and I'm black to boot ............

  91. Malcolm Middleton

    Malcolm Middleton

    26 dagen geleden

    Like Schumacher he never thinks he should be criticised or penalised.

  92. Phoebus Brave & Free

    Phoebus Brave & Free

    26 dagen geleden

  93. Alex Tabara

    Alex Tabara

    26 dagen geleden

    The way Ricciardo acted when he got 5 seconds makes Lewis look like a crybaby.

  94. TheGinger3


    26 dagen geleden

    Formula one is so corrupted! The stewards should be investigated. So should the FIA race director!

  95. Bushwookiecentral


    26 dagen geleden

    About time they let his poc privilege run out not even he is safe any more thank god

  96. Mr e Mr e

    Mr e Mr e

    26 dagen geleden

    Keep fighting ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  97. Donna Gray

    Donna Gray

    26 dagen geleden

    Clearly Lewis was right as the FIA rescinded the 2 points.

  98. Adrian kim Leow

    Adrian kim Leow

    26 dagen geleden

    Hello Lewis, black man lives but please, black man do not rules. I do not see you as a winner.

  99. TheNoviceSimRacer


    26 dagen geleden

    He broke the sporting regulations about practice start so no he isn’t right to criticise, anyone with any sort of brain knows exactly what he is trying to say and it’s to do with his colour

  100. Paul Kilburn

    Paul Kilburn

    26 dagen geleden

    Poor sportsman too big for his boots. I’m sick of the amateur media tiptoeing round him instead of challenging his attitude.