BREAKING: Sergio Perez joins Red Bull to partner Max Verstappen for 2021! | Perez & Albon latest

Red Bull confirm that Sergio Perez will partner Max Verstappen for the 2021 season, while current driver Alex Albon will remain as the team's test and reserve driver.
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  1. Sky Sports F1

    Sky Sports F1

    2 maanden geleden

    How do you feel about Checo's move to Red Bull? 💭

    • szewei1985


      Maand geleden

      Woohoo. Well deserved.

    • TomorrowComesToday


      2 maanden geleden


    • johan van engelen

      johan van engelen

      2 maanden geleden

      Bad albon is back at 2022

    • Senna 1993

      Senna 1993

      2 maanden geleden

      Bloody fantastic news👍🥇🏆

    • F1 MONTAGE

      F1 MONTAGE

      2 maanden geleden

  2. szewei1985


    Maand geleden

    Haha finally. Well deserved.

  3. Iván D'Cortés

    Iván D'Cortés

    2 maanden geleden


  4. BUGSYGb1 [GANG]


    2 maanden geleden

    why is this in my notifications for 5 hours ago? dafook

  5. Richard WILSON

    Richard WILSON

    2 maanden geleden

    Let’s see if Sergio Pérez can deliver his first *POLE in 2021*

  6. Salah Alsulaiman

    Salah Alsulaiman

    2 maanden geleden

    Wonderful news he is great

  7. Jacob-t-Champion


    2 maanden geleden

    Max:easy teammate Perez:hold my beer Max:oh shoot

  8. Tony O Donnell

    Tony O Donnell

    2 maanden geleden

    Great to see but this was not a signing for Albon, it was a warning to Verstappen that they have a driver to take over should he wish to move to Mercedes in 2022.

  9. Tristanto Pambudi

    Tristanto Pambudi

    2 maanden geleden

    Happy to hear it

  10. Irving Vazquez

    Irving Vazquez

    2 maanden geleden

    F for albion online

  11. Sumit Saurabh

    Sumit Saurabh

    2 maanden geleden

    I hope Hamilton also gets a strong opposition to be exposed how not so strong he is a driver... and he is no Goat

  12. slylockdefox246


    2 maanden geleden

    Red Bull lies...

  13. Beer Goggler

    Beer Goggler

    2 maanden geleden

    Sky Sports needs to have a word with Haas and F1. If Mazepin drives the Haas car in 2021 then I’m serving notice on my Sky subscription. I know quite a few F1 fans who will do the same. He’s a disgrace and can’t be allowed to race in F1. Take his corrupt Russian money elsewhere.

  14. Edward Mansveld

    Edward Mansveld

    2 maanden geleden

    its the car not the driver in the F1 merc is the GOAT.

    • Beer Goggler

      Beer Goggler

      2 maanden geleden

      Which is why Bottas has never beaten Hamilton across a season and came 5th in 2018 and 3rd in 2017. Dummy

  15. john


    2 maanden geleden

    Brilliant news

  16. Ad0akes


    2 maanden geleden

    Whos this Albon people are talking about ?



    2 maanden geleden


  18. Paul Jones

    Paul Jones

    2 maanden geleden

    Great move for perez

  19. Senna 1993

    Senna 1993

    2 maanden geleden

    Best news ever 👍🏆🥇. Took mr Horner a long time to wake up & smell the chilli con carne 👍🏆 good on you Checo

  20. Cosmic Gibber

    Cosmic Gibber

    2 maanden geleden

    I hope Red bull provide him with a “A” car and not bullshit him. He can beat that over rated partner hands down, if they do.

  21. Peter Lee

    Peter Lee

    2 maanden geleden

    Let's go Guy's and GET Merc U Think ?

  22. Mark Buckley 44

    Mark Buckley 44

    2 maanden geleden

    Never trust what red bull say is what I’ve learned in the F1 world

  23. Shine Automotive

    Shine Automotive

    2 maanden geleden


  24. Tayla Lola

    Tayla Lola

    2 maanden geleden

    Lets gooooo

  25. John Norris

    John Norris

    2 maanden geleden

    A little justice for Checo. I hope he finishes ahead of every Aston Martin next year.

  26. Thomas Lantman

    Thomas Lantman

    2 maanden geleden

    His "one" reminds me of Juan, who once won the formula one. The one wonderkid rising to number one. One hypothetical, Juan.

  27. FIX MAD


    2 maanden geleden

    Mercedes be afraid Checo Pérez is back

    • FIX MAD

      FIX MAD

      2 maanden geleden

      @b&srbck sorry.. Nazi is not for you.. Mistake... But Let me dream... This World is for dreamers and its my own opinion... Mercedes and Hamilton are the best now and Hamilton of course is very good... No one like him but just think I am Mexican Let me dream and seriuly Hamilton is worried about Max and Checo can do.. Not whith him.. Of course Bottas is the Weeknes. Sorry you are not Nazi... Apologize. My English is not good.. But I have good intentions.

    • FIX MAD

      FIX MAD

      2 maanden geleden

      @b&srbck LOL... Nazi..

  28. Ritaraj Datta

    Ritaraj Datta

    2 maanden geleden

    Reporter is identical twin of Checho

  29. Luzion HA7

    Luzion HA7

    2 maanden geleden

    I swear he really looks like Perez him self

  30. The Spectrum

    The Spectrum

    2 maanden geleden

    Perez will be Hamilton’s biggest threat you heard it here first. Verstappen was not happy about this because he knows Perez is consistent and very quick. Last thing you want is a competitive partner.

    • Thierry Labbé

      Thierry Labbé

      2 maanden geleden

      @The Spectrum Sure, your info is verifiable as hell, isn't it?

    • The Spectrum

      The Spectrum

      2 maanden geleden

      Thierry Labbé that’s why Verstappen was forcing Redbull to keep Albon. That’s why his dad was questioning of Perez is even good enough. Do your research sunshine.

    • Thierry Labbé

      Thierry Labbé

      2 maanden geleden

      Everything you said is bollocks, I'm afraid. Verstappen not happy with Perez as teammate? I don't know, I personally think he couldn't care less about Perez being his teammate, he follows his own path. He might actually be happy to have a good driver pushing him even further. Perez being Hamilton's biggest threat? Where did you get that idea?

  31. The Spectrum

    The Spectrum

    2 maanden geleden

    Perez will be Hamilton’s biggest threat you heard it here first. Verstappen was not happy about this because he knows Perez is consistent and very quick. Last thing you want is a competitive partner.

  32. StevenFTW 5

    StevenFTW 5

    2 maanden geleden

    I would've liked to see Alex and Gastly Duke it out for a year in equal machinery and just let Tsunoda just improve for another year in f2. Honestly Tsunoda was probably for Honda, not saying he is bad but they still have good drivers in their line up. Sergio has been on the market for a while, yeah he wasn't a race winner but was showing incredible form throughout the season. He missed 2 races and was still right in the running for P4 in drivers championship all season.

  33. Jim Moore

    Jim Moore

    2 maanden geleden

    About time this man was given a decent seat again

  34. Matt H

    Matt H

    2 maanden geleden

    Ted Kravitz predicts it!

  35. hdw


    2 maanden geleden

    Replace dead weight Bottas with Russell now.

  36. jumpa04


    2 maanden geleden

    really curious to see if Perez is able to get more out of the car than Albon. Lets see how much of Albons performance was due to the car being tailored specifically to Verstappen needs.

  37. FoFo


    2 maanden geleden

  38. happilips


    2 maanden geleden

    Button your shirt up bro! You’re not on a night out🙈

  39. MettleSome


    2 maanden geleden

    Can't wait for Perez to fail at RedBull, 2nd seat is so Toxic

  40. Mr. Pudding

    Mr. Pudding

    2 maanden geleden

    Sergio Loves Avocados. Well done Ted Kravitz.

  41. Danny Mash

    Danny Mash

    2 maanden geleden

    Wow! Thats a force there 👈

  42. Fiona Stewart

    Fiona Stewart

    2 maanden geleden

    All the charisma and knowledge of a lump of granite

  43. lawrence hunter

    lawrence hunter

    2 maanden geleden

    Red Bull will love Sergio's money.

  44. jj jz

    jj jz

    2 maanden geleden

    Lots of RedBull sales in Latin America after this

  45. LastName LastName

    LastName LastName

    2 maanden geleden

    Yawn, who cares. The only reason anyone talks about him, is because they gave his seat to Vettel. I feel bad for the guy. He is now in one of the top teams he will never be allowed to beat Vercrashen.

  46. 2nd_snideelf


    2 maanden geleden

    Congratulations to Sergio Perez! The 2021 F1 race season will be great!

  47. Dhanush Amruth

    Dhanush Amruth

    2 maanden geleden

    The news reporter looks like Sergio's brother lol😂

  48. Aditi RK

    Aditi RK

    2 maanden geleden

    Replaced the Asian Tom cruise for the Mexican one.

  49. Emmanuel Cortes

    Emmanuel Cortes

    2 maanden geleden

    Well deserved seat for SP. 2021 will be more competitive at the top,

  50. patricia finn

    patricia finn

    2 maanden geleden


  51. Miguel Fulgentes

    Miguel Fulgentes

    2 maanden geleden

    My prediction is that checo would not go well in redbull especially keeping up with verstappen and maybe it would be the last or the last 2 seasons of his career if he moved to redbull. Honestly Racing point made a wring move by judging checo to early and moving him out of racing point they should have kept him.

  52. Mayhem


    2 maanden geleden

    He's gonna get clapped by Max lmao

  53. Venkat Yashwanth

    Venkat Yashwanth

    2 maanden geleden

    Yes he deserves a seat but if it was still with racing point it would have been the best.

  54. Rob Bleeker

    Rob Bleeker

    2 maanden geleden

    With news like this, can't wait to see how Perez will perform in February, the Barceona testing

  55. kelechi wami

    kelechi wami

    2 maanden geleden

    still wonder what would have happened if Albon had won the race in Austria instead of getting taken out by LH



    2 maanden geleden

    You know you work hard you play harder....

  57. gladiatorxxx


    2 maanden geleden

    Can't wait for next season 2021 !!!!

  58. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith

    2 maanden geleden

    Red Bull can get f, they are a one horse team, Pinning all their title hopes on Verstappen. The screwed over Webber and Ricardo for younger drivers and only one has become world champ. I just don't see Verstappen becoming world champion. I hope I'm wrong and Sergio kills it in the next season also I'm gutted for Alec but I'm sure he will make it back. Perhaps Horner's master plan is develop then Alec and bring back in a couple of seasons.

  59. Blake Latella

    Blake Latella

    2 maanden geleden

    What emotions do I feel?

  60. David Harnett

    David Harnett

    2 maanden geleden

    When we had race weekends, we had to listen all weekend to skynews pundits doing everything they could to get AA the sack. Well done.

  61. -TJ-


    2 maanden geleden

    This guy is a good multi-tasker.



    2 maanden geleden

    TEd leaked it. it's not breaking new that we did not know

  63. Benimaru


    2 maanden geleden

    Everyone forgot about Nico huh

  64. Mano Mangaldas

    Mano Mangaldas

    2 maanden geleden

    Perez is the right choice.. I am afraid it's not going to be a smooth season for red bull.. Perez is not going to see Ver go by easily. We might see another Hamilton Nico on tracks

  65. Juan Canales

    Juan Canales

    2 maanden geleden

    Perez in a different strategy will bug the Mercedes

  66. thiago leao monteiro

    thiago leao monteiro

    2 maanden geleden

    Yea boyyyyyyyy so excited about this Max and Botas is in trouble 👊🏼 let’s go Mexico🇲🇽

  67. Doodle_ Dan

    Doodle_ Dan

    2 maanden geleden

    Let’s bloody go boys! Checo deserves it all

  68. J unio R

    J unio R

    2 maanden geleden

    1. Verstappen 2. Hamilton 3. Leclerc 4. Perez 5. Bottas 6. Vettel 7. Sainz 8. Ricciardo 9. Norris 10. Stroll

  69. Lewis Worley

    Lewis Worley

    2 maanden geleden

    This reporter is the worst 90% of this video he pretended to write and read on laptop

  70. Bi773n


    2 maanden geleden

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGOMG AKDHkjwabjdAJKSDmnawm,dnmabsdm,andbNWAdadw

  71. Tim Shearer

    Tim Shearer

    2 maanden geleden


  72. Ben Kerry

    Ben Kerry

    2 maanden geleden

    Family and friends

  73. brain eater

    brain eater

    2 maanden geleden

    I am buying a dozen and also drinking my first redbull tommorow ... Actually i dont like the smell ... But for my man checo❤️❤️❤️❤️

  74. stephen o'sullivanshow

    stephen o'sullivanshow

    2 maanden geleden

    Somebody needs to tell this dude he isn't as cool has thinks he is....fix up, look sharp!

  75. Jacob Page

    Jacob Page

    2 maanden geleden

    Hes been in a merc for the last few years when he was good. Redbulls are hard to drive and the just crush no 2 drivers every time. Would of retired on a high instead of a long swing down them being sacked....... this comment may age like milk but thats what i reckon. Unless your max redbull dont care

  76. Erfano Zulfikar

    Erfano Zulfikar

    2 maanden geleden

    I hope Albon will got renault seat when alonso's contract end.

  77. Erfano Zulfikar

    Erfano Zulfikar

    2 maanden geleden

    Lets see how perez can handle that RB car. If he cant perform like he used to, then the problem is the RB team not the driver.

  78. The Psychologist

    The Psychologist

    2 maanden geleden

    All those 'experts' on here saying that Red Bull wouldn't look outside their jnr driver program. Perez fans, keep the faith my friends.

  79. Russell Szczepanski

    Russell Szczepanski

    2 maanden geleden

    "That's the one Lewis Hamilton missed". What does that have to do with Checo signing with Red Bull? Suck Up.

  80. Pieter Keyser

    Pieter Keyser

    2 maanden geleden

    TBH I would have preferred if it was Hulkenburg who got the seat, it's a true shame a driver of his quality not to have a seat.

  81. Heartless sick again

    Heartless sick again

    2 maanden geleden

    Yessssss albon suck so bad

  82. itsadamoc


    2 maanden geleden

    Send this presenter to AlphaTauri please.

  83. Christian Bright

    Christian Bright

    2 maanden geleden

    yes checo move

  84. Eric Ausen

    Eric Ausen

    2 maanden geleden

    They may officially be Aston Martin next year but they will always be "Daddy Point Racing" to me. Looking forward to Checo using his Red Bull seat to embarrass Daddy Point Racing!

  85. Markus James Rovelstad

    Markus James Rovelstad

    2 maanden geleden

    Is it just me or does my man sound very unprofessional in how he acts? (Not Perez)

  86. Sam M

    Sam M

    2 maanden geleden

    I'm not sure if Checo can best Max but I can assure you he will be in fine shape to crush Aston Martin.

  87. Papa Grounds

    Papa Grounds

    2 maanden geleden

    CHECOOOOOOOO!!!!! That's what I'm talking about! I'm going to break into pieces before the next season starts! 🤣😆😂😄😃😀😶😐😑😣😫😡👿😵🥴🤯

  88. gabox01


    2 maanden geleden

    Poor Perez lost his contract, and now he is going to devalue himself on the market.

  89. jz1199


    2 maanden geleden

    good for Sergio and good for RB, and Max will get a rear gunner finally, hopefully they'll improve on the engine/car enough to at least have a decent chance of challenging Mercs

    • Phantom096


      2 maanden geleden

      Rear gunner!!! Did you not see on the side top intake of the RP20 it said “Bombardier” in big letters. 😆😆. Yeah I think Max could use one of those!!

  90. magzire


    2 maanden geleden

    Albon had his chance and blew it, or max is just to good

  91. Silver Back

    Silver Back

    2 maanden geleden

    Question: when drivers like Lewis move to mercedes on the promise that they have the best car for example, who knows who is gonna have the best car for the following season? Is it down to educational guess work from an agent or can a manufacturer almost guarantee they will have the best car?

  92. Dernarius Starariur

    Dernarius Starariur

    2 maanden geleden

    It's so obvious this isn't one of the F1 people and yet I'm so proud of his faking ability

  93. Erik Iwaniw

    Erik Iwaniw

    2 maanden geleden


  94. Jussi Ryhänen

    Jussi Ryhänen

    2 maanden geleden

    Checo in da house!

  95. Jonathan Sweeney

    Jonathan Sweeney

    2 maanden geleden

    I don’t feel for Albon tbh F1 is a hard sport midway through the season I was like this with bottas

  96. So Isaidtogod

    So Isaidtogod

    2 maanden geleden

    Crashappen will have a real challenge to driver 1 position.

  97. Stuart Greaves

    Stuart Greaves

    2 maanden geleden

    That is a well deserved drive for him can’t wait so see him at the front of the grid.

  98. Asad


    2 maanden geleden

    Just imagine ... 1)Lewis/Nico driving for Merc 2)Seb/Leclrec driving for Ferrari similar to 2018-19 3)Max/Perez( or Ricardio) with a bit more competitve Red Bull All three happening in same season.. what a season that wud be ...thats what we deserve as f1 fans... not a boring season with Lewis getting all victories and Bottas to hold his champagne bottle on podium

  99. Edward Hallett

    Edward Hallett

    2 maanden geleden


  100. Joydratha Sarkar

    Joydratha Sarkar

    2 maanden geleden

    I’m really glad for cheko, I was rooting for him the entire season. Sorry albon