Could Lewis Hamilton leave Mercedes? | Karun on F1 Driver Market

Karun Chandhok talks through all the shakeups, changes and driver lineups for next season in F1, including the ongoing contract talks between Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

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  1. Mister Bill

    Mister Bill

    20 dagen geleden

    I’d like Karen Chuckup to leave Sky F1 and go back to Channel 4.

  2. Betty Kamara

    Betty Kamara

    22 dagen geleden

    Lewis never said he is going to leave f1, he said it as a joke and you SKY jumped on it.

  3. Umair Rafiq

    Umair Rafiq

    23 dagen geleden

    I guess Hamilton is really oppressed

  4. Harry Keane

    Harry Keane

    23 dagen geleden

    Can you please take those muzzles off or will will be forever in and out of lockdown. The kids will not thank you for submitting to tyranny. Think about the kids futures. Tell Boris and Hancock to Fu(k off

  5. The _worlds _worst _tanker noob

    The _worlds _worst _tanker noob

    24 dagen geleden

    Trying hard to make a bullshit story 😔

  6. Tec Designs

    Tec Designs

    24 dagen geleden

    Please haas sign mick and callum Wolff and Lewis off to Aston and Perez to Mercedes

  7. Don


    24 dagen geleden

    needs to stop having these wishful thinking I really hope he leaves Mercedes or retires embarrassing programs they can't help themselves stop hating on Lewis Hamilton "i wonder why"

  8. Jason Poole

    Jason Poole

    25 dagen geleden

    He should leave, let everyone have their way and let someone else become the best, then hamilton comes back after 1 year and dominate once again to prove a point.

  9. LabGorilla


    25 dagen geleden

    Of course he is not leaving. He wants the world to talk about him so he’s pretending to be considering a move. So I’m here watching this video and posting a comment.

  10. Sophia Roma

    Sophia Roma

    25 dagen geleden

    No, he will stay one more season to get his 8th World Champion to beat Michael's record then retire.

  11. Harley


    25 dagen geleden

    who cares

  12. John Hewitt

    John Hewitt

    25 dagen geleden

    Who cares? Let him go and let's get on with racing......

  13. smAsPa


    25 dagen geleden

    Everyone cribbing Will Buxton's style!

  14. m


    25 dagen geleden

    I hope he leaves and then leaves the UK for good and don't come back

  15. Liam Hiley

    Liam Hiley

    25 dagen geleden

    1:36 'i think once we get the job dOne'

  16. Michael Nickells

    Michael Nickells

    25 dagen geleden

    Would love to see Hulkenberg get a drive a red bull just so he can get his podium 🙏🏽

  17. Astro Sleep

    Astro Sleep

    26 dagen geleden

    This is him doing his usual "ooh look at me my tyres are dea

  18. soundslave


    26 dagen geleden

    Just sign the contract you greedy bastard. We know you are holding out for a pay rise Lewis.

  19. mrnatty122


    26 dagen geleden

    Why would he leave a team who provides him with a championship winning car.

  20. M Lees

    M Lees

    26 dagen geleden

    Considering Covid has basically meant he's guaranteed to win his 8th championship next year I really don't think that's likely lol.

  21. Connor Vernon

    Connor Vernon

    26 dagen geleden

    I’m sure he will go for 1-2 more season to have one more season to win 8th title and then another season test the new regulations ad determine his future

  22. Zain McCain

    Zain McCain

    26 dagen geleden

    Perzes to rebull would be nice to see

  23. P K

    P K

    26 dagen geleden

    Looks like he's got the attention he was seeking. Now everyone is talking about him. No one was talking after he became the driver with the most wins. He will sign in a few weeks. Like night following day.

  24. Peter Blazeby

    Peter Blazeby

    26 dagen geleden

    I couldn't care less,can't stand the egotistical prick!

  25. Dan Shearing

    Dan Shearing

    26 dagen geleden

    Lewis talking the most bullshit

  26. laurouxdonk


    26 dagen geleden

    if he does leave the sport will be more fun

  27. J M

    J M

    26 dagen geleden

    Id rather he just left F1. Better still the planet.

  28. Mike Biggs

    Mike Biggs

    26 dagen geleden

    Can Mercedes afford to keep this woke idiot employed? 🙄

  29. Daniel Morgan

    Daniel Morgan

    26 dagen geleden

    Yes please go away

  30. Jord


    26 dagen geleden

    He's going to leave F1 with the new wage changes, he won't take home less than half his prior years wage. Plus any challenge in a race when he isn't on pole he bitches about it being too hard. Hamilton 10 years ago would've moved

  31. Adam Cruickshank

    Adam Cruickshank

    26 dagen geleden

    He might want to focus on Extreme E though.

  32. Jack Doyle

    Jack Doyle

    26 dagen geleden

    I don't think Hamilton should have the power to decide what he gets paid. Mercedes can just say no and put someone else in the seat and they'd still be the best team

  33. pallyali786


    26 dagen geleden

    He will win 10 championships and then retire as the all time greatest.

  34. Temp Ting

    Temp Ting

    26 dagen geleden

    To where? 😂

  35. Robert j Myers

    Robert j Myers

    26 dagen geleden

    Why would you leave the greatest F1 car of all time. They literally bought all the best mechanics and got the best F1 driver on the grid. Bottas shouldn't be there his simply not good enough for this team. Its ironic that a Schumacher and Ross Brawn team has beat all there records lol. The race wins tally will be sky high over the years as there so many more races now.

  36. Shane W

    Shane W

    26 dagen geleden

    The day Lewis leaves Mercedes is the day he retires from F1. There really isn’t any benefit or need for him to change teams at this point in his career. I think Mercedes should be very proud of themselves. A driver is only as good as their car and the team behind them. If the car was unreliable and inconsistent, Lewis wouldn’t be where he is now winning world championship after championship. Look at Vettel. Multiple time world champion reduced to not even getting out of Q3 in a Ferrari, a team who should be winning races. They’ve failed him.

  37. MFizzle777


    26 dagen geleden

    Albon saying he will focus on his results but that's the very thing giving him problems!

  38. Remy Hors d'âge

    Remy Hors d'âge

    26 dagen geleden

    Destin to Knighthood from the Queen. Sir Lewis Hamilton 🗡

  39. David Elliott

    David Elliott

    26 dagen geleden

    Karun you are standing outside more than 2m from the cameraman Why do you need a mask that muffles your voice?

  40. R


    26 dagen geleden

    I hope his record is t beaten not because I’m a Hamilton fan but because I don’t want another dominance

  41. Paul Thomson

    Paul Thomson

    27 dagen geleden

    If he leaves mercedes his championship days are over anyway , be better retiring while on top

  42. Phil Tucker

    Phil Tucker

    27 dagen geleden

    Lewis will stop driving (in F1) as soon as his team boss tells him that he’s found someone faster...However, I recommend that you shouldn’t hold your breath on that one!

  43. George Noel

    George Noel

    27 dagen geleden

    Albon cannot cut it he did his best but it was not good enough Another young driver bite the dust

  44. Alan Pinder

    Alan Pinder

    27 dagen geleden

    Maybe Lewis is to be the next name to take Toto,s position at Mercedes! just saying .

  45. Matt Wilson121

    Matt Wilson121

    27 dagen geleden

    it's not max that destroys team mates, it's the team who seemingly have a 1 car focus and Albon cant drive the same setup as max but they dont care so long as max is doing his leading for the team

  46. Cairnsy92


    27 dagen geleden

    Russel should go to hass and perez to red bull

  47. kieran Beaton

    kieran Beaton

    27 dagen geleden

    The little voice crack from Lewis Hamilton

  48. Frieza 223

    Frieza 223

    27 dagen geleden

    Poor Albon

  49. Wayne Towers

    Wayne Towers

    27 dagen geleden

    No, just his way of saying: "If you want me to stay, pay me more money."

  50. Robb


    27 dagen geleden

    Alex Albon is another Max Chilton in the making just he has a good car just cant drive

  51. SirKnobofCheese


    27 dagen geleden

    Lewis Hamilton to Redbull

  52. Lea Artistry

    Lea Artistry

    27 dagen geleden

    He’d be pretty stupid, 90% of the reason he’s breaking records and winning races is because Mercedes is the fastest most advanced car on the track. Too much attention is being put on the drivers it’s the cars that runs races all the drivers of today are very talented drivers what sets them apart are the cars, some die hard Hamilton fans will shout at me but that’s the truth I’m afraid it’s the cars

  53. Liam Horn

    Liam Horn

    27 dagen geleden

    Seriously would he risk it

  54. ABR DubZ

    ABR DubZ

    27 dagen geleden

    Surely Lewis would love another year for an 8th wdc also we’ve had no spectators this year and he’s missed that so surly he would love to have one more year with full grand stands

  55. Zi Yang Fang

    Zi Yang Fang

    27 dagen geleden

    Tyres are gone. Tyres are completely gone

  56. Dabayare


    27 dagen geleden

    LH needs to act like rich ppl and hire planes instead of owning them. Nobody's got the money now unless he is pretending to not know what is going on in the world.

  57. Zee


    27 dagen geleden


  58. rooneybhoy 1888

    rooneybhoy 1888

    27 dagen geleden

    Is it just me or is f1 boring as feck nowadays...

  59. Ciaran Racing

    Ciaran Racing

    27 dagen geleden

    1:36 POV, your doing a presentation at school

  60. Johnny


    27 dagen geleden

    Russel needs and deserves a better drive

  61. J Bennett

    J Bennett

    27 dagen geleden

    Lol Lewis finding it hard to say the word done without a voice crack lol

  62. David David

    David David

    27 dagen geleden


  63. David David

    David David

    27 dagen geleden

    Hamilton stated earlier in the year that he didn't want to resign during the lockdown - i.e. with so many people in desperate situations, it would be bad for his image. Now we're in second lockdown, he's pretty much out of political spin options. He's possibly the GOAT driver, but I really don't think any single person should get £ 40 , 000 , 000 . 00 per year for doing their job.

  64. Lorenzo VonMatterhorn

    Lorenzo VonMatterhorn

    27 dagen geleden


  65. Mike


    27 dagen geleden

    Keep going on about lewis and his contract. He always signs at the end of the season. Season aint ended so of course no contract yet.

  66. Jim Brown

    Jim Brown

    27 dagen geleden

    I think Lewis is looking at retirement I am a Lewis supporter but the fact that he is not in meaningful talks about a contract signify to me that he is thinking of retirement

  67. Jacob24


    27 dagen geleden


  68. Peter Lee

    Peter Lee

    27 dagen geleden

    Ham Just Wants More Than 25 mill a season . Sod OFF Then . Get in Our Real World . U Think ?

  69. A m

    A m

    27 dagen geleden

    GEORGE Russell would be the best for red bull i know he is on Mercedes junior but care the guy has talent

  70. TerribleFire


    28 dagen geleden

    Really hope Perez is out of a drive for next season the way his people have behaved.

  71. Darren AM

    Darren AM

    28 dagen geleden

    Albon will go, my money is on Perez for that seat. Lewis leaving Mercedes ???...more chance of hell freezing over.

  72. Kalo


    28 dagen geleden

    Looks like lewis is becoming too expensive even for Mercedes

  73. Devon Hall

    Devon Hall

    28 dagen geleden

    Yes he should find a proper challenge instead of having an easy ride for the last six years

  74. Nghia Ha

    Nghia Ha

    28 dagen geleden

    wonder if redbull are holding on to albon, just in case lewis becomes available. i mean 33 and 44 in the same cars. mercedes may have the best car, but lewis and max in the same car would close that gap significantly.

  75. DelBurn


    28 dagen geleden

    I'm not even gonna watch this video. Just the title... Of course Lewis could leave but why would he leave by far the most successful team at the moment.

  76. David Heff

    David Heff

    28 dagen geleden

    Ham and Vettel and AM.

  77. Rollie


    28 dagen geleden

    1:37 nice voice crack

  78. GTK


    28 dagen geleden

    He’ll only leave when he gets an eighth WDC next year before the rule change. Only a works team could afford to pay him now.

  79. Helen Le Gallais

    Helen Le Gallais

    28 dagen geleden

    Lewis Hamilton to red bull 😂

  80. Gary Jones

    Gary Jones

    28 dagen geleden's_law_of_headlines

  81. Rob Winters

    Rob Winters

    28 dagen geleden

    Whatever you say about Lewis he didnt win his 7 world championships knocking other people off the circuit and demanding the upgrades and best equipment before his teammate like Schumacher did

    • Rob Winters

      Rob Winters

      26 dagen geleden

      @roy Preston bottas fails almost every time he races lewis in the same car. Are you ok??

    • Martin Pilkington

      Martin Pilkington

      27 dagen geleden

      I never get this “he has the best car” excuse. This season sure, but it's a debatable point for some of the last few seasons. And the best car doesn’t always win. He had the best car in 2012 and didn’t win, arguably the same in 2007. Bottas also has the best car at the same time yet does nothing with it. Then there's the question of why does he have the best car? A large part is due to the engineers, but you should never underestimate the importance of driver input in steering the development of a car and motivating those engineers and the rest of the team to keep pushing. This is part of what helped people like Schumacher and Vettel be dominant, and Hamilton does this exceptionally too. And finally, pretty much every world champion had either “the best car” or “one of the best cars”. Name me a champion and I could throw that excuse at them. Schumacher? “Well he had the best car”. Vettel? “He had the best car”. Senna? “MP4/4, ‘nuff said”. It's a ridiculous argument used by people who have no other argument left. Who is *the* greatest will always be a matter of opinion, that Hamilton is *one of the* greatest is an indisputable fact.

    • Christian Simmons

      Christian Simmons

      27 dagen geleden

      @roy Preston that doesn’t guarantee success though, otherwise how do you explain Bottas, Barrichello, Webber, Coulthard.....the list goes on. Yes he has the best equipment but a great driver will extract the engineering can offer

    • roy Preston

      roy Preston

      27 dagen geleden


    • Christian Simmons

      Christian Simmons

      27 dagen geleden

      @Richard Dale the 2002 and 2004 Ferrari’s were totally dominant, 2002 Schumacher finished 1,2 or 3 in every race and in 04 once unleashed in the race he’d be lapping 1+ seconds a lap quicker than the next best man. Schumacher had built a team based around himself, brawn, todt and Byrne. They all held hand and created and unbreakable scenario - you mess with one you take on all of them

  82. EssEff


    28 dagen geleden

    Electric guitars playing blinding in the background 👌🏼

  83. Hibiscus Rose

    Hibiscus Rose

    28 dagen geleden

    You guys are over reaching

  84. Jackobite


    28 dagen geleden

    Ham says he wants to stay Toto says he wants to keep him, every time this comes round its the same silly stuff. Ham stays at Merc.

    • Matty


      27 dagen geleden

      Toto could be leaving though.

  85. Sky-view


    28 dagen geleden

    There is no other team in the grid that will afford or agree to pay his current salary. That will stop him especially after the salary cap is implemented. His achievements will stand & no one can ever take them away from him.

  86. Daniel Earnshaw

    Daniel Earnshaw

    28 dagen geleden

    They should keep Albon next year as they are not going to be challenging for the title and give him another year

  87. steven


    28 dagen geleden

    Lewis won’t leave, he won’t have the best car then 🤷🏼‍♂️

  88. mark taylor

    mark taylor

    28 dagen geleden

    Red bull have a seat.

    • mark taylor

      mark taylor

      28 dagen geleden

      @Feed The lion you don't actually believe that do you. The Red Bull car is oversteery, Max can handle it Albon can't. That's the difference between natural talent and learnt ability. P.s same equipment Max beats Lewis 3/4.

    • Feed The lion

      Feed The lion

      28 dagen geleden

      @mark taylor no max ain’t better than him the car is just highly adapted to him to make him look good and the second driver look bad ricciardo said it when he left it happened to gasly and now he’s doing good and albon who was doing good before

    • mark taylor

      mark taylor

      28 dagen geleden

      That said, lewis would not join red bull. Max is better than him.

  89. Scott Elder

    Scott Elder

    28 dagen geleden

    He’d be incredibly stupid if he did, next year is going to be a lot similar to this year and they’re already started on next year so if he wants 8 championships he needs to stay put

  90. Zen Okada

    Zen Okada

    28 dagen geleden Petition to save Interlagos. Please sign

  91. Alexander Chisholm

    Alexander Chisholm

    28 dagen geleden

    surely hamilton’s gonna want 8 championships before he moves

    • John Roberts

      John Roberts

      21 dag geleden

      @Phil Dapain Hamilton is richest driver anyway

    • Phil Dapain

      Phil Dapain

      25 dagen geleden

      Nope, money speaks more apprently

  92. blindgeorged


    28 dagen geleden

    Karun with the Gordon Ramsay hand gestures 👌

  93. Strike 098

    Strike 098

    28 dagen geleden

    Lewis Hamilton is probably just debating with Mercedes on the size of his wage or something like that. There's no way he leaves Mercedes.

    • robert dawson

      robert dawson

      27 dagen geleden

      I think the hold up is Mercedes don’t want to have to go through these type of contract negotiations every year and probably want Lewis to commit to a 3 year contract, where I think Lewis doesn’t want to commit to a contract that long because either he doesn’t want to commit to driving for that long, or more likely doesn’t want to commit to a long contract in Covid era where he might have to compromise on money, and maybe thinks he could get more money, post covid

  94. Dan Bruno

    Dan Bruno

    28 dagen geleden

    Lewis won't be 100% satisfied till he has 8 titles, If that happens I think his hunger will start to dip and he will be at the right age to retire 36/37

  95. Hot Wheels

    Hot Wheels

    28 dagen geleden

    Will Lewis leave Mercedes? Tbh I have more chance of walking

  96. Action Go

    Action Go

    28 dagen geleden

    1:37 The only thing that shows Lewis really is only a human!

    • Owen


      28 dagen geleden

      He is human yay!!

    • PaulTemi Olushuyi

      PaulTemi Olushuyi

      28 dagen geleden

      Ha 😂

  97. Terry B

    Terry B

    28 dagen geleden

    Lewis is boring the sport to death !

  98. Kirpa K

    Kirpa K

    28 dagen geleden

    Love hearing from Karun! You can feel how passionate he is about the sport.

    • Matt Stitt

      Matt Stitt

      26 dagen geleden

      Hes the best part of the F1 broadcasting team imo

    • Gerard Brown

      Gerard Brown

      27 dagen geleden

      Karun is one of my favourite presenters in F1. The guy talks sense and does a great job.

    • Peter Lee

      Peter Lee

      27 dagen geleden

      Give Us TED

  99. Simon Stiel

    Simon Stiel

    28 dagen geleden

    Yes. When he retires.

  100. Regenmeister


    28 dagen geleden

    That Merc is so good anyone can win in it, even Bottas. Put Russell in the car. £5 mil. Job done.