"They're trying to stop me!" | Lewis Hamilton reacts to his TWO 5 second penalties in Russian GP

Lewis Hamilton suggested that race stewards were 'trying to stop' him after he received two 5 second penalties for pre-race start practice transgressions. Hamilton is now just two penalty points short of receiving a one race ban.
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  1. Mega Wang

    Mega Wang

    33 minuten geleden

    those comments take F1 into disrepute as well as his political statements,, how has he not got a holliday? "He is the elephant in the room"

  2. Chris p Bacon

    Chris p Bacon

    8 dagen geleden

    Cos I black innit ?

  3. steel ssstu

    steel ssstu

    22 dagen geleden

    Bollocks to them Lewis, you will be the best F1 racer of all time by time you retire

  4. Phil Rees

    Phil Rees

    25 dagen geleden

    he's right stewards are biased against Lewis

  5. pouyl alyami

    pouyl alyami

    26 dagen geleden

    You’re unstoppable mate

  6. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson

    27 dagen geleden

    Keep your head up Lewis 🇯🇲 ..right a book and exposes them in f1 when you retire 👌🏽

  7. Matt Hunter

    Matt Hunter

    27 dagen geleden

    FACT: Leclerc did a practice start outside the race directors designated area just 3 races ago in Belgium. Stewards noted it, but no further action. Leclerc also took Stroll out the race in Russia, not too dissimilar to Hamilton on Albon. No penalty for Leclerc. Hamilton got a penalty and points on his super licence. These are facts. Maybe Lewis has a point!

  8. Peter Fowke

    Peter Fowke

    27 dagen geleden

    I think FIA look at this again because read about this Max said he may agree.

  9. Nathan Moore

    Nathan Moore

    27 dagen geleden

    Hamilton is a cheat. I have always said that.

  10. Dominic Domehead

    Dominic Domehead

    28 dagen geleden

    Paranoid Lewis - just WHO are 'they'?

  11. Dominic Domehead

    Dominic Domehead

    28 dagen geleden

    Don't DARE say it is because you are *black* , Lewis or else!

  12. Andy Lesserd

    Andy Lesserd

    28 dagen geleden

    Lewis bitching again. No surprise

  13. Arrel S

    Arrel S

    28 dagen geleden

    If i had owned f1, trust me i would bring that 90s enthusiasm back today. I would bring those cars back as well with manual gears. This new f1 era is screwed up. Drivers need to feel the heat for getting paid so much.

  14. Arrel S

    Arrel S

    28 dagen geleden

    I dont get it. Why the hell does have f1 have a championship? Just give the trophy straight away to mercedes. No need for racing as we all know who is going to win. We are so bored and fedup of just 1 team. I agree with alonso on equal engines to atleast be reliable. Lets be fair with all teams. Never in history have had 1 team completely dominating the rest. We want real racing, we want head to head, we want that 1000's of a second gap in qualifying. Currently the gap is more than half a second or nearly a second to the rest. F1 will lose viewership if this continues. If mercedes keep winning all the years from now on, its not worth watching.

  15. Arrel S

    Arrel S

    28 dagen geleden

    10 second isn't sufficient as he still gets a podium with that powerful car, he should start getting more. I dont hate him. I hate the fact f1 is making it boring for viewers

  16. Chris-Oy


    29 dagen geleden

    Any news yet why Johnny Herbert and his co stewards didn't give Charles same penalty in SPA was that just another Ferrari International Assistance?

  17. Jack Pat

    Jack Pat

    29 dagen geleden

    Ridiculous ... F1 becomes a Monopoly game.... not a speed sport anymore.

  18. Michael Bay

    Michael Bay

    29 dagen geleden

    And people wonder why this clown is so hated. Sore, pathetic loser.

  19. alexbandy2010


    29 dagen geleden

    "They are trying to stop me..." Now that's the joke of the year...This statement must be put alongside the word "ungrateful" as a glose...

  20. disbel diabel

    disbel diabel

    29 dagen geleden

    he is telling the truth that is all

  21. MuhamkrishArum Arum

    MuhamkrishArum Arum

    29 dagen geleden

    Lewis Lion on Road . Yahoooo.

  22. Michael Beckingham

    Michael Beckingham

    29 dagen geleden

    There is only one answer spray your car red

  23. Andrew H

    Andrew H

    Maand geleden

    The last man to stand up in a Mercedes, wearing Hugo Boss, with his arm in the air, wasn't big on BLM. Shows, money to him is more important than principles.

  24. Bishal Royal

    Bishal Royal

    Maand geleden

    day after day LH start to be cry baby complaining .. you have the fastest car probably best team.. just drive zzzzz

  25. MuhamkrishArum Arum

    MuhamkrishArum Arum

    Maand geleden

    Lewis The Best .

  26. Serge Poire

    Serge Poire

    Maand geleden

    I hate this reaction he made a mistake, he deserves a penalty. STOP, why shouldn't he have it ? Because he is Mr Hamilton ? Because he defends black lives ? Because he is a World Champion ? If Latifi, Alobon or anyone else had make the same mistake he would have been penalised too



    Maand geleden

    Stewards really try to stop him and that's ridiculous. Its just not fair for the driver and it makes the sport bad. I mean take for example sainz in Barcelona free practice he used the old exited the track and re-entered for that senna lost the championship back in 1989. Lewis is treated unfairly he also in numerous occasions got points off his super licence for not doing something major like causing a crash. I mean how leclerc got away for putting stroll into the wall. Disappointing that they try to keep lewis away from winning. Next races he gonna get a penalty for entering tha paddock

  28. nidharshan prabu

    nidharshan prabu

    Maand geleden

    That was a ridiculous penalty.

  29. Last Of The Dinosaurs

    Last Of The Dinosaurs

    Maand geleden

    This ain't Lewis Hamilton, why this dude got his face covered up? That's right, you've guessed it folks. Because this guy right here is hiding something. Come on man, this ain't Lewis the Hamilton cud, this guy can't fool me ha, I'm up on game jack. Word is my brother's and sister's, Lewis was at the spizz-ot around the time this was recorded. But I'm outta here, pew pew!

  30. Michael Jimerson

    Michael Jimerson

    Maand geleden

    Lewis sounds like Anthony in this video.

  31. Carlos Cerna

    Carlos Cerna

    Maand geleden

    "Daniel you have a 5 sec time penalty for the incident at turn 2, Okay I'll drive faster, yeah that's my bad, cheers buddy, I'll make up for it."

  32. Sam M

    Sam M

    Maand geleden

    There might be some complaining about inconsistent stewarding because, during the Belgian Grand Prix, it has been confirmed that Leclerc committed exactly the same offence as Hamilton, only for the stewards to issue no penalty to Leclerc for it. In the case of Leclerc, it seems that there wasn’t even the justification that the team told him to do the practice start from there - he seems to have decided upon it himself. If you go to the official documents for the 2020 Belgian GP on the FIA’s website, you will find that there was an investigation into Leclerc for driving unnecessarily slowly to the grid on the reconnaissance lap. The stewards would clear Leclerc for his slow lap to the grid on the following grounds: The Stewards heard from the driver of Car 16 (Charles Leclerc) and team representative and noted the report from the Race Director. The Race Director’s Note to Teams (document 16) specified a maximum time of 2:04.0 between the Safety Car lines and car 16 recorded a time of 2:06.087. However, the Team advised that the driver had crossed SC2 line hence triggering the timing for the lap, then stopped for approximately 12 seconds to perform a practice start, then completed the Reconnaissance Lap. This was independently verified by the Stewards from the on board video of Car 16. Accordingly, no breach was determined to have occurred. However, according to the event notes for the Belgian Grand Prix, practice starts could only be undertaken in the following areas: 18) Practice starts 18.1) During each practice session, practice starts may only be carried out on the right-hand side after leaving the pit lane. These must be done prior to the SC2 line and with all four wheels between the white line on the right-hand edge of the pit exit and the wall. 18.2) During the time the pit exit is open for the race, practice starts may be carried out on the track after the pit exit before the SC2 line. Drivers wishing to carry out a practice start should stop wholly within the pit exit in order to allow other cars to pass on their left (the area bordered by red in the photograph on page 5). During this time any driver passing a car which has stopped to carry out a practice start may cross the white line that is referred to in 19.1 below. The statement by the stewards explicitly confirms that Leclerc stopped after Safety Car Line 2 in order to undertake a practice start. According to the event notes, drivers were supposed to stop in an explicitly defined zone before Safety Car Line 2 to undertake practice starts. However, even though their own investigation provided explicit confirmation that Leclerc was undertaking a practice start outside of the designated area, the stewards took no action against Leclerc. You can see why there might be some wondering why, if Leclerc was not penalised for that offence only a couple of races earlier, why Hamilton was then given penalties during the race and faced a threat of being given penalty points as well.

  33. Abhinav PV

    Abhinav PV

    Maand geleden

    Hamilton: breathes Stewards: *gives 5 second penalty*

  34. Tim Corley

    Tim Corley

    Maand geleden

    AW pour victim!

  35. Oliver Høiby

    Oliver Høiby

    Maand geleden


  36. Jermain Chisholm

    Jermain Chisholm

    Maand geleden


  37. Jermain Chisholm

    Jermain Chisholm

    Maand geleden

    From all fact and evidence they are out to get him alright because they are hayers and oppressors to him

  38. Dominic Viner

    Dominic Viner

    Maand geleden

    He will win next race 90% guaranteed and he is leading by alot He should relax

  39. Martin Mouncher

    Martin Mouncher

    Maand geleden

    Keep your head down!! Don't make me laugh you prick.

  40. African DADC

    African DADC

    Maand geleden

    We know Lewis, we know. It's from day one since 2007 and it's coming from all angles. Teammates, Stewards, even your old team Mclaren but STILL YOU RISE!!!

  41. Phoebus Brave & Free

    Phoebus Brave & Free

    Maand geleden

  42. Ramit5100


    Maand geleden

    C'mon Lewis! " They're tyring to stop me?" Are you bloody serious Mr. Hundreds of Millions of Dollars/ FIA World Champion? Now you want to play the 'victim' of a non-existent plot to 'get you'? Hey, wake up knew you were not wise to park yourself in that location. Team error but you went against what you knew to be right. What' s next Mr Victim, you gonna pull a Bubba Wallace move? I thought you were a stronger and smarter man than this, now I have my doubts. Ridiculous! 😤

    • Toro Loco

      Toro Loco

      Maand geleden

      Are you that dense?? Do you not know that the FIA have a long history of targeting any dominant team?? Do you think they banned engine modes for fun?? Of course they're trying to stop Lewis and merc. And I don't blame them. Its tradition

  43. gary murphy

    gary murphy

    Maand geleden

    did anyone else do practice starts there? NO. shut up crying, your team or you made a mistake. Also a million tracks ,get real. Dont worry you have won the title this year already and will win it next with the car merc has. The only challenger Bottas, keeps losing his bottle,put Max in that car and Hamilton will not look so good. Would Hamilton be "on another level" in a ferrari or a williams or anything else really?

  44. Hello everyone Bond007

    Hello everyone Bond007

    Maand geleden

    See since blm has come along he do t smile anymore and looks like he has a chip on his shoulder.

  45. Hello everyone Bond007

    Hello everyone Bond007

    Maand geleden

    And who is trying to stop u and I see that backed down and two the penalties points back yes u guessed it because he is b l a c k

  46. Hello everyone Bond007

    Hello everyone Bond007

    Maand geleden

    He is the rasist not any of us

  47. Ryan Hogg

    Ryan Hogg

    Maand geleden

    Not a Lewis Hamilton fan but it looks like they are actually out to get him

  48. danmar007


    Maand geleden

    Another Lewis cringe moment. :-(

  49. Rayan


    Maand geleden

    A black man who breaks all records doesn`t fit in the view of the follower of the darwinsm, I mean this could be the reason for this and the last penalty!!!!!!!

  50. Ari H

    Ari H

    Maand geleden

    Keep seeying comments about FIA trying to make the sport more exciting for the majority fans that do not like Lewis But, this seems like such a weak argument... Whilst a high percentage of people vocal on comment sections and keyboard warriors seem to have an issue with lewis (nothing wrong with differing opinion) Most fans you encounter outside of the comment sections tend to like the guy At the very least, respect his talent Or am I exposed to a more open minded and respectful community 😂

  51. Ari H

    Ari H

    Maand geleden

    Some people do play the race card unfairly, but if you have an objective mind, you would be able to notice that Hamilton never mentioned anything about race. If a POC says something along the lines of what he said post-race, it does not immediately mean he meant he was being deliberately targeted because he is a POC... He might be, there have been incidents over the years that were at least questionable But, maybe stop to consider other factors that perhaps a subjective mind could fathom? Perhaps the considerable ferrari favoritism, along with the high ranking ferrari ex-employees had a part to play Don't forget these are the same people that were in the same Schumacher Ferrari era Perhaps it is a simple case of "making the sport more exciting" Seeing as many steps have been taken to close the gap between Lewis/Mercedes and the rest Ultimately, no matter the reason, Lewis will be the one most affected Who wouldn't suffer from being constantly criticised and attacked for every single word or action

    • Ari H

      Ari H

      Maand geleden

      @bsrlbck2013 LMAO calm down 😂 POC is a very common and known abbreviation Went on bit of tangent didn't you. Never said mercedes/lewis should be penalised Perhaps read over again...

  52. leongt1954


    Maand geleden

    The penalty's were there But the licence points are ridiculous and his team has to take some responsibility too, Should be like Ricciado said sorry I'll just drive faster my bad.

  53. Lewis Bulaya

    Lewis Bulaya

    Maand geleden

    next thing you know they are gonna give him a penalty for being on pole position

  54. telecom cowboy

    telecom cowboy

    Maand geleden

    Just take the penalty and take it like a man like riciardo

  55. freedumb labowski

    freedumb labowski

    Maand geleden

    How can Hamilton be ahead of GROSJEAN in license penalty points....what a joke formula 1 is becoming!!

  56. Dennis Jones

    Dennis Jones

    Maand geleden

    Lewis said they do this all the when the greatest driver of all time says, “they are trying to stop me”. Why? I know why and so does gotta be ten times better then Senna! That’s why! Nikki knew it and was pissed off about it! Your the G.O.A.T! Everyone can eat your dust and penalty’s.

  57. Freddy Kooistra

    Freddy Kooistra

    Maand geleden

    First he tells us he has to investigate the rules, then they are trying to stop him. You reed the rules first and then you make a judgement.

  58. Villainofthepiste


    Maand geleden

    I'm not a huge LH fan but the penalties were BS. It's fairly obvious the stewards and officials are trying to make the sport more interesting BUT this is totally the wrong way to do it. NOT VERY SPORTING ON THEIR PART!!

  59. Neil Davis-Berkeley

    Neil Davis-Berkeley

    Maand geleden

    Stop sucking your thumb Lewis and start racing again! I would like to see you in the same car as Max, that would be interesting........

  60. Alan maxted

    Alan maxted

    Maand geleden

    Poor little rich kid with a persecution complex now...” maybe it’s ‘cos i’s black” ?

  61. Rory Nell

    Rory Nell

    Maand geleden

    You broke the rules and deserved the penalties you tax dodging baby

  62. Steven Coughlin

    Steven Coughlin

    Maand geleden

    Surprised he didn't pull his race card out

  63. Mick Clarke

    Mick Clarke

    Maand geleden

    Lewis is clearly angry! There trying to stop me 🤔 this must be that oppression he keeps banging on about.

  64. Mark Whitlock

    Mark Whitlock

    Maand geleden

    I'm surprised he isn't playing the race card

  65. Rafał Kuwik

    Rafał Kuwik

    Maand geleden

    'This guy is such a sore loser' ~Alex Albon, 2020

  66. Russ Serpico

    Russ Serpico

    Maand geleden

    It's a matter of time before Hamilton cries "racism" and levels a suit against F1. "It's to be expected, they are trying to stop me". Stop him from what, winning a championship? Obviously, he forgets he has six championships to his name this far.

    • Toro Loco

      Toro Loco

      Maand geleden

      I wonder why you people are so keen on him making it about race. You're weirdly obsessed with his skin color

  67. NamasTeo


    Maand geleden

    Lewis just making the ground for proving that he is simply unstoppable

  68. T14 Pilot

    T14 Pilot

    Maand geleden

    JUSTICE FOR LEWIS . I'll be wearing the shirt next GP.... hey Lewis.. NOT GUILTY.. JUSTICE SERVED CHAMP

  69. Kan Wilson

    Kan Wilson

    Maand geleden

    it is becasue you are black, this is totally unacceptable

  70. Re seller guy

    Re seller guy

    Maand geleden

    what a cry baby if he doesn't get his way its everyone else's fault!

  71. Watercooledguy


    Maand geleden

    With Hamilton it's always some other persons fault.

  72. Jimmy joe besttimeofmylife

    Jimmy joe besttimeofmylife

    Maand geleden

    They and he should fight this Not racing at that time . This is not a valid penalty 10 seconds. Thats a lifetime in F1

  73. Peter Westerlund

    Peter Westerlund

    Maand geleden

    ...maybe its because he is black...

  74. Peter Westerlund

    Peter Westerlund

    Maand geleden

    WHAT ? So "THEY" are trying to stop you ?? Cmon Hamilton, you are beeing ridicolous !! So you dont have to play by the rules ? Starting to feel the heat from Bottas and Verstappen, are you ? The rules are for everyone, you should read that book so you dont make more mistakes, grov up , i understand that you are pissed but take it like a MAN !!

  75. Mcloving McMuffin

    Mcloving McMuffin

    Maand geleden

    Atleast they took back the penalty points but is s joke just cause he’s the best they have to do this it’s disgraceful

  76. Goodluck Nasuwa

    Goodluck Nasuwa

    Maand geleden

    If Bottas was given 10 seconds he would finish outside of the podium and may be outside of the top 5. That is the fact.

  77. Dimitris Salepis

    Dimitris Salepis

    Maand geleden

    it was the teams fault . BUT 2 5 second penalties for that??? And to do them during the race?? come on thats a bit over the top dont you think ??? They could have given him a 5 second penalty after the race. Lewis would have won the race with a ten second lead then. Good call from the stewards on spotting Lewis s non legal practice starts but very bad penalty rendition.

  78. Rose Smith - R7.

    Rose Smith - R7.

    Maand geleden

    Double whammy 🤣

  79. Jay Rowe

    Jay Rowe

    Maand geleden

    Trying to stop greatness never is gonna work #GET IN THERE LEWIS!!!

  80. SuperEdge67


    Maand geleden

    Great driver, but a hard guy to like.

  81. Jude Mark

    Jude Mark

    Maand geleden

    Hey Hammertime that's all I have to say It's Hammertime!

  82. Saturday Josef

    Saturday Josef

    Maand geleden

    I see jealousy 😔🤦‍♂️

  83. spikem2603


    Maand geleden

    This interview was woke

  84. Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylor

    Maand geleden

    Moaning w⚓

  85. karl Rensburg

    karl Rensburg

    Maand geleden

    Never mind that Lewis, they can't break a natural champ.

  86. Anni-Florence BERGER

    Anni-Florence BERGER

    Maand geleden

    No one can stop you. You ve already made history LH44. Visionnaire 2020 AFBB FORTUNEE toujours 2020 sep.

  87. john turner

    john turner

    Maand geleden

    Fun fact. Bottas would have beaten him anyway.

  88. Neil C

    Neil C

    Maand geleden

    Cmon, even I know its unsafe to stop any where on the track for a practice start - never mind at the pit lane exit. Everything seems to be engineered by MB for Lewis to qualify on pole and win every race. And then they whine when they make an amateur mistake. So - go Valtteri - catch up the 40 points and kick his ass.

  89. BAM_XCII


    Maand geleden

    Listen to this clown! They are trying to stop me? Tomorrow he will state that it's because he's black, and will get his ass kissing chanel to politicize and ruin the sport.

  90. TheGomezIndustries


    Maand geleden

    Lewis should stay out of political agendas or it will be his downfall. Politics have no place in sports or else people somewhere way up there will drag you down with the best of their abilities.

  91. Veljko Dubicanin

    Veljko Dubicanin

    Maand geleden

    i mean i ain't sure what penalty is for, heard from some it is just stupid. it is prolly just to make some show, but saying they try to stop him is kinda silly, not bc they didn't but bc it is far from what they did to Ferrari - Schumi era

  92. Mr X

    Mr X

    Maand geleden

    Ham is a good driver, but as a person still a child inside. Man up!

  93. maVericK


    Maand geleden

    "They're trying to stop me..." Who? Your team? Stfu clown.

  94. The Murph

    The Murph

    Maand geleden

    I’m not a Lewis hater I like him but the FIA trying to stop you my man you have been dominating since 2014 on top of that you have claimed a win in every single season of your career lol why would they start now is they are trying to stop you.

  95. Lt. Dan

    Lt. Dan

    Maand geleden

    idk who i dislike more right now, the people that are enforcing this malarkey or Mercedes who apparently didn't know the rules...

  96. Michael Hansen

    Michael Hansen

    Maand geleden

    Lewis 😭 Hamilton

  97. Peter King

    Peter King

    Maand geleden

    Rules are rules set out by the stewards, 19 other drivers new the rules.